Safe Harbors

Some learning points for this year:

Harvesting the power of frequency. There was one time I was visiting the library very frequently and so I read some books on self-help (because I so desperately needed it myself). This particular orange book mentioned that we should do our jobs every day.  What we do everyday matters more than what we do once in a while. As Aristotle says, “We are what we do repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Sleeping at 10PM. This may seem like a ridiculous habit but for the week of tests, I enrolled into a hostel and followed their habitual routine of sleeping at 10PM. At first it was ridiculous, but after a while it became a very good practice. I find myself more energized and the mornings seem longer so work can be completed before bed time of 10PM. Of course I also tried the remedy of not setting an alarm and waking up whenever my body willed itself. It worked fine for the first two couple of days but soon, I skipped too many lectures and.. I had to set the alarm.

Evaluate before actions. There are multiple incidents whereby I struggle to balance between my priorities and interests. It is a headache but priorities are called priorities for a reason. Reason it out.

When I was the on the way to my cousin’s home from the airport, my uncle was scolding my cousin about him being lazy. He mentioned that being lazy was the key to failure in life. And repeatedly told my cousin to wash the bowls when they got back. Laziness is the key to failure. And therefore, responsibility is the key to success.

This year has been more than an eye opener for me. I’ve learnt so many things. Interestingly, I thought being 18 would change all perspectives but I guess now I know better. Maturity and achievement isn’t defined by age. It’s like Ashley from one episode of You Do You saying that she thought she was going to get married at 24 years old. And Sarah saying she thought she would have become a grand artist by then; but they’re all still working a normal 9AM-5PM job (a hella fun one that is). Having the responsibility to have the knowledge to change is the key to maturity and achievement.

Happy new year everyone! May the New Year be a blessed and happy one!


Extremely late post! Sorry, whoever who is reading this (lmfao).