Sometimes I think that this world that I live in is just filled with so much humanly emotions. Magical ones. Scarce ones. Those ones that really surprises you and sometimes is even a pleasant combination because its just so lovely and so sweet. And that just makes the nasty and cruel reality of the world a little more tolerable. And a little more ipsy of love added into the mixture and one would see the miracle of the human life .    
I love looking at faces. Ahhhh how critical and crucial our faces are; some people are just born with a weird/ unpleasant looks whereas some with a look of it brights up your entire world. Fear no more because everyone is trying to be the best looking ones and sometimes might neglect yourself for so much stuff. Oh I think I’m blabbering again. Let’s get on though.
And the emotions but of course. One can literally see the smoke steaming out of the person’s red face. An awkward situation I must say. Oh and the crying face, the crying face. The emotion when sadness dwells inside of you and you have no whereas to place it; it just comes in the form of tears. Ohohoh and the grumpy face though its really a personal favourite of mine. The little frown that people try to mimick sometimes just don’t really go with their adorable big eyes and small tiny lips.
I personally feel that these emotions don’t really affect how the person looks. But if not, then how come we get so upset and confused when a person frowns or cries or just get really pissed. Why do we bother? But then again we don’t really bother much right?
26.11.12 07.08am


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