Everyday Thoughts

Happiness. Yes the all wanted happiness and the all thrilled topic.
You know one day I was on the bus getting really confused and just doing nothing. Was blogging as usual and I finished a draft. Placed down my phone and looked outside of the window. And the mixtures of green, orange and blue filled my eyes. A beautiful situation I must say. It was very lovely and just really really cosy looking. And before I knew it, a little tiny smile came onto my face. Funnily, I realised that all doctors have said that looking at greens can improve eyesights so I started to stare at the greens of the canvas above me.


Ps this is just one sample from Tumblr. because I didn’t take any photos from the bus. That would be wayyyyy too awkward.
And it really stunned me.
And then you start to think, happiness is so simple. Yet why do we always say that its difficult? Why do we confuse ourselves by saying that things are not easy? In reality it really is that simple? Why do we tend to puzzle ourselves and make ourselves lose the focus. Lose the beam of light that guided us through. Lose that sense of everything else and create our own mess that wasn’t even there at the beginning. Why do we say that happiness is hard? Is it because we confuse and puzzle ourselves? We think too much and we probably should stop.  Look at the green canvas and maybe that would get you through.
Till next time.


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