The difference

The feeling of digust. Or disguise. Sometimes I wonder if there is an obvious difference that I could see between them. Well literally they mean very different things. But as words in the alphabets and the letters and structures they jist make so little of a difference. I would even feel that their difference are insignificant. But in between these letters there are just so much of a huge differnece and sometimes in life its just these small and tiny things that are difficult to cope and somehow we just fail to recognise. Somtimes, we have to realise that small difference makes a huge difference. Whether it may be obvious or not obvious ethier way it both are important.
We see rich and sucessful people everywhere. You see them on the streets and at the pavement and you start to wonder and your mind drift off. And we start to be jealous and admire and envy and do so many things. and we start. Yes we start. Start to wonder. But sometimes its because of the small difference that they have between disguise and disgust that they are who we envy and who we look up to. Sometimes, small details DO matter. When you’re doing notes for your Biology its that little push that you need to get that A. We all know that, that the push is needed for so many things. but how come we don’t do that tiny bit. We know its inportant but we don’t do it. Why not? Why are we not doing it? Its just that tiny push that matters.

And yes. That smells better than real leather.


Till next time.


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