I dreamt of something horrible today. Dreamt that dogs were disparted and joint together. For example, the head of a blood hound but the legs of a tiny dog. Somedogs only had one eyes. I saw this when I went back to get my wallet from the threatre.  The man looked anxious and kept telling me to stay out of attention. Funny thing is, when I was watching the movie, I wasn’t actually watching. I was all along playing with an S3. So I think I made my cell phone slid down the chair. I think the creator of the disparting of body parts and joining them was the work of a korean company.
And the woman oh God the woman. she couldnt even bear to look at her dogs in the eyes. One of the dogs actually came to me and touched me and I literally freaked out. Like I was trying to think and put myself in its position but THAT DOG HAD ONLY ONE EYE. That was a really really scary dream.
Broke out in cold perspiration.


Imagine this Dog coming to you in REAL life and wanting you to pat it. I think you too would freak out..

Till next time.
Exohexoh *inserts smiley face*

” for one minute please stand here in silence and look at the sky, and contemplate how awesome life is ” the sky uh?

– Dre. End –


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