Achievements and Failures 
1. Went to a good class but failed hideously on it cause everything was tough and stressful
2. Didn’t get into the role that I wanted even though I tried very hard
3. Got into fight with Dance Mate
4. Screwed up R/S
5. Started working
6. Picked up the piano and guitar and violin (soon) back
7. Remained in my body weight
8. Always have the mentality of never giving up. Really I tried.

Well nothing much for 2012. I turned 15 and went to the zoo for the first time since perhaps 5? Not too sure but I’m glad it was quite interesting. To say the truth I’m not looking forward to 2013. its just going to be a stressful and heartbreaking year. I would try my best though. I need to start the year right.

Aims and Goals:
1. To perserve
2. Never give up
3. Be more than I was yesterday
4. Dream big ( dream the impossible )
5. Strive in everything
6. Be creative

2. SYF
4. Piano lessons
5. Start painting again
Look for internships





i hope I feel motivated

” its ok because if you have the right attitude, you would be accepted everywhere ”

its ok I can do this and before I know it, its 2014.

Gogogo metilda do more then what you dream of everyday.


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