Hey Guys!!

I don’t know if many of you know this but I would love to share a song with you guys!! Its title is ‘ This and That is Life ‘ by David Choi.
Link over here –> This and That is Life
This song just perks me up and its just how magical a song changes your entire day. The song is interesting and has a beautiful melody to it. Its lyrics are also simple but hides a life of a person behind. Everyday that you and I feel when we wake up is described and it somehow relates to me I guess. I can feel the frustrations of the singer, and its just wonderful how this works out.
On the way to school and you’re like damn I have to study and read and write and do stuff – but this song makes everything just slightly more toleratable and it helps to get through the day.
I definately recommend it to someone that’s young and youthful and needs a pop of mint to the ears everyday.


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