Today something wonderful happened.
I was able to see you. Look at you. Heck even just taking occasional peeks at you does wonders to my tummy and yes butterflies flutter. Its uncomfortable and strange and bad on so many levels but I just can’t seem to resist looking at you. Glancing at you. Or even just knowing you’re there settles me down. I don’t know since when it got so strong, you’re so suffocating yet so relaxing. You’re merciful yet merciless. You’re fantastic yet acutely strange.
Damn I’ve got it bad.
I guess its since perhaps last year that I seemed to be attracted to you. If you ask me I don’t know what even was so irresistable about you. Yes you’re charming and handsome and nice but that’s besides the obvious. I know you can be super mean and intolerable but I promise I would still have that special tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach. And its so funny that I know so much but you know so little.
Valentine’s Day was horrible as usual. Its always horrible unless you’re together with that new founded love one. I’m thinking that’s probably you. I’m not too sure myself. I question myself so much about it but it never seems to settle me down.
I hope you’re doing fine. How are you with her? I wish you the best. Well, I always do. You always say that you love her so much ( from what I heard ), I hope she turns around and realises it. Because if not she’s losing the man of her dreams. Or maybe you’re just not what she wants. Even so dont ever doubt yourself.
I hope you don’t get frightened and scared off by me. I just meant well. I mean I’m perfectly okay with just being the side viewer and looking at all the sparkles in your life. Its nice to know stuff about you. You’re just so perfect and so wonderful and yes you’re fantastic. I hope you do realise all these. Its not that I’m spazzing I swear that these are objective facts (Hehheh according to my dictionary). If one day you find insecure and blazeless and wanderless and just lost remember that you’re never alone.


Sometimes I do wish that you loved me. That you prefered me. But then I think of all the expectations and wonder to myself even if I’m up to your standards. Undoubtfully you’ll definately have them high. But then again who doesn’t? Geheheeh then maybe we could go out someday. But that’s just a dream.

I thought of a really nice song to go along with this post just for the sharing of thoughts and stuff. This is the link : Sky Sailing- Brielle

“There’s a handwritten note pressed in the door of her screened in porch
And I am sailing away recalling that day miles from shore
She was still wearing white and Robin’s egg blue, her grandmother’s dress
When I left early this year, how I wound up here is anyone’s guess
When the new sites grow old and I start to feel cold I’ll sail home again
[Chorus:]Goodbye Brielle
Only whispers can tell
Of the sweet dreams that we knew so well
I’ll see you around our dear ocean town
The frozen days we set ablaze
Sent me drifting away
Like a butterfly, you floated by and now you’re alone
I wish I knew when I’ll be back again
So until then I wish you well
My dear Brielle
Strolling over the sand, in cobblestone paths that wind through the trees
Breathing the sweet forest air makes a bluebird aware that she could be free
When the new sites grow old and I start to feel cold I’ll sail home again
So until then I wish you well
I love you my darling, farewell.My dear Brielle.”
I’m starting to feel cold, only whispers can tell you the amount of love and the dreams that are not conveyed. But those are frozen days and are drifting away. You’re flying away but I can’t grasp it. But its okay because that’s always how it goes.

So until then I wish you well.

Farewell, exohexoh


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