This week was… weird.
I learned alot. Really alot.
Other than the obvious of knowledge i learnt more. How to control my emotions and temper, time management and so on. I also realise that i have a terrible temper and that it tends to be out of control. Hysterical is it they say? Well i learned a new word today.
I have learned to be able to cope time and ” suck it up because i cant crumple.” I know it sounds odd but yes that is what she says. I have also learned to deal with fumbling frustrations because for the fourth time this term a teacher has flung up on us. I have learned that everyone is perfectly imperfect and that things are really really really not what they seem.
Deal with the upset of getting bad comments in my journal, learning to overlook and turn over the page with my twitching palms. I have learned to take things into my hands and believe. And hope. And remember. That one day it will be better. This will be over and  that i have rushed too much, worked too hard, entrusted too much effort to just let it  extinguish and crumble because for the first time i see a breakthrough in my worst subject Chemistry. And it enlightens me. Makes me feel a little tinny bit better about the upsets and the tumbling rollarcoaster everyone is having. The sky is beautiful and i have  elevated my faith.
Im still not sure of how to use learn and learnt, the difference between ‘ and “. I also dont understand the word prudent but it sounds beautiful. I do hope i can learn more.
Im having this pounding headache and im going to go to bed.
Thank you for reading.
Good night.
Dylan Bailey – A Faint Memory


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