Bees and Honey

” Don’t remind me, cause somedays I’m a windshield.
   And other days I’m just a lucky bug.
   The crow and the bean field. ”
” You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies lit up the world when I fell asleep. ”
”  A fox throp above my head, a disco ball hanging by a thread. Please take me away from here. ”

Words can’t express how much I love Owlcity. Not the person uhuh, just the songs, absolutely beautiful. Its a little like Dylan Bailey, but with lyrics and a publisher.
And no the lyrics are not about love or dreams or anything chickadee like that. He’s lyrics are more of reality, maybe sometimes love ( I mean all artist can’t really escape from this topic, after all its so vast ), sometimes fantasies and his unfounded stories.

More of soothing I must say, but the instruments are melody and its a whole bowl of richly flavoured salad with sprinkles of cashew and black sesame seeds. His voice being the drizzle of course.

Many may say that its very monotone and boring and blue but I must say I find it very captivating and thought provorking.

Owlcity – Deer In The Headlights

Do look him up!!
Good nights 😉


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