Just Alone

So its 09:52 and I’m already waiting.
It feels good to be early actually.
I dont know, and I realised my bangs isn’t that bad. At least when I tie it up I have a ponytail. So that’s really nice. But it still looks silly. So I’m still a little sad.
Its a nice morning, but it was really cold earlier. Like really really cold. I don’t know, maybe its just me. But it rained in the twilight, so I guess that’s the reason why there were puddles everywhere.
Where were we? Right, my ” earliness “. Is there even such a word? Well, maybe not but you get the idea.
Its seldom I’m early, I mean I’m never early. Its always the opposite waiting for me. I feel bad now, what am I supposed to do. But for school, meetings with Dad, Mum, Nicole, Angie, Jia Xuan, Zi Wei, outside friends and even teachers I’m late. I mean it becomes so regular. Its a major problem in my life I have realised.
But then again I don’t wanna change it. I like sleeping in late. I don’t know I’m just tired and a lazy ball that never wants to move.

Will be back.


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