I don’t know why but recently, I’ve been having these really really positive thoughts. And its super exciting and interesting. I feel that Earth is just a snowglobe and I feel mighty. And its as if i could grasp it in my palm.How cool is that? I mean seriously. It excites me and elevates enthusiatic. But yeah. Its cool.
I mean I understand how life can be depressing and make you feel really really upset but let’s throw that aside and feel a little better. You can do that right? Make everything a little better. Yes yes you can do that.
Like what my tutor always says, ” I believe you know” and then he’ll add like a wink and its really really cute especially when he doesn’t have the face to do a wink. When his thick glasses and chubby face aww man he’s the ultimate failure in that.
I don’t know but its okay. We will all get there some day.

And you can shine like the star you’re supposed to.


Have a lovely day and think positive 😉


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