So Much

You have those times. Where desperation comes in and swallows you.
And I don’t know but you close your window flaps towards the world and you shut your eyes. You allow every single anxiety and desperation to seep into you.
They blend into your soul to make the most strange and fasinating juice. One fear that you never knew existed. And this overwhelms you. You start to think, ” this is too much, ” and you never knew it could feel so much.
And that perception washes over you, scanning over you like a lazer beam.
You are vulnerable and weak to them eyes.

You shiver slightly.

The piece by your ears, ringing on. And you wonder if its just because of that that there is an atmostphere. Its soft, melodic and lonely.
You want to release and let go of all your flaws. Because they make you reckless; you cannot move on or grow and it prevents you from achieving more. Prevents or abstrains you from becoming who you want to be.
So what do I do now?



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