This made me so sad yet im happy. Thank you so much i wanna cry you have no idea how special you made me felt :’) #rulingcheese

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So I’ve been pondering about the things happening around me. And I suddenly realise how this particular person has always been here for us giving us loads of advices and listens patiently and silently to all our rants and spazzes. How this person has been the one comforting all the way but has never been comforted because I realise she has never complained about her life to us. And yes. Bet this particular “her” is reading this right now at this very moment.

Yes, yes its you, Metilda. Thankyou, so so much. For listening to both me and neo’s problems all the time, giving totally absurd but totally meaningful and true advices. Thankyou for always appearing at the moments we need you the most. Thankyou for always supporting our decisions no matter what our choices may be. Thankyou for leading us to the right path that we were trailing off…

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