I don’t know but I’m starting to get restless but I know that I do enjoy writing.
Enjoy the gripping of a mechanical pencil between the thumb, index and middle finger.

( Because what you’re most probably doing now is just holding the phone by supporting the index, middle and ring fingers on the back of the phone; your thumb strolling across the web page/ app and your pinky supporting the entire device. ) assumptions.

And scratching the soft charcoal black graphite lead onto lifeless smooth sheets of lined notebook papers. Watching the magnificent stick of solid ink bleed and crumble into the dry canvas of writing.
It feels good; really good.

I think I get the thrill from looking at the fonts magically appear with smooth and satisfactory strokes of movements from the pencil. It just flows out.
And when words speak out loud on spectrum surfaces, its like a running tap, never stopping, never having a pause, just keep flowing and flowing and there’s never really an ending point.

And ,literally, that’s the beauty of one of Earth’s contradictingly amazing materials (graphite) on tree trunks (paper).

So let’s start writing.

Will type soon 🙂

( I’m sorry that the picture have completely no link to the text ( as usual) I couldnt find a suitable one and I get bothered if I don’t put a picture. Because I’m also hoping that the readers who read my posts has a little bit of my style so I’m sorry bout the picture! )


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