A Short Story


So this couple actually went to buy ” couple birds ” because it became immensely popular after a korean drama went rival.
They went to pick out birds of different shapes, sizes and colours in the market until one really really caught their eyes.

It was black as the raven feathers, its beak sharp and pointy, a matt black. Its tinted yellow eyes gleamed through the silver rusty cage as its bony tangerine coloured claws gripped against the metal poles.

The woman asked how much it was. Apparently she had immediately fell in love with as soon as she saw it.

The unshaven seller, drenched with the smell of smoke and alcohol, replied in a hasty manner saying that it was twenty dollars.  He also added that this bird was a mynah so it could actually talk if taught how to.

The male doubted it. He was not too sure whether this bird was even pretty enough to be placed at home. The bird in the show was sleek, sophisticated and just absolutely beautiful. This one in front of his eye was just–plain ugly.

But then Mimi wanted it very much and she wouldn’t stop bugging him to purchase the bird. The seller also chipped in saying that it was an incredibley rare bird and that it would be a waste to not purchase.

The man surrendered after awhile. Afterall, it was his just married wife that was pleading. He took out his hard earned cash and gave it to the man. They brought the huge cage home.
When they reached home, Mimi delicately placed the huge ugly cage on their balcony. Then he remembered when they bought this house how much he had paid, for it was calculated according to square inches and the huge balcony was part of it. He was unhappy when he first bought it, scolding himself for purchasing something that totally had no worth— they couldnt place flowers for they are all too busy, it was too cold to sun bed, they couldnt hang clothes for it was too shady. But that was just him and at least he could pay for it.

Back to reality, he realised that Mimi had started peeling walnuts in a small metal container for the bird to eat.

Damn it, he treated her so well and now she was using the same attitude to treat a bird. He was surely unhappy.
Looking at her, she was hoaxing and hushing and talking to the bird as if it was a puppy, this made him unhappy and he walked towards her scolding her for wasting such expensive snacks on a bird.

But as he was approaching, he thought he saw the bird’s yellowish eyes staring at him.

NOTE: Okay I don’t know what I’m writing, actually I mean typing. See what I did there? Hhahahaha kidding. I don’t know, recently I’m too bored so I decided to write up short stories. But this isn’t original. Its actually an adaptation of an article I read which I thought was really really awesome so well I wanted to share it with you guys. I may continue the second part but I’ll see.

Will speak soon 🙂 I mean type.


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