A Beautiful Heart


A Beautiful Heart

Beautiful Girl
Beautiful Heart
The two don’t always go together
Neither, necessarily apart
A beautiful girl
You might come across every day
and you might feel an attraction
We’re wired that way
But in time you know what others eventually learn
It’s a beautiful heart
that’s better to earn

Because beauty only goes so far
and is skin deep
But a beautiful heart
is forever to keep
And long after beauty has faded
she’ll likely remain jaded
Vanity in its place remains
seeking approval and gains
But a beautiful heart
grows in its grace
and gracefulness is its own beauty
and puts a smile on your face

When you see the eyes and you look deep inside
you can see many things
that some may hide

A beautiful heart is so hard to find
Treasure above priceless art
Inspire me to be kind

One special girl
will remind you of both
Beauty and a beautiful heart
and you’ll gravitate to her from the start
She’ll play on your soul and she’ll stay gentle on your mind
and you find yourself dreaming
‘I wish somehow she was mine’

But of the two if you could so choose
a bet on which you can never lose
Choose the beautiful heart
Because that heart will melt away your blues
A beautiful heart will increase your joy
And increase your hope
and make you feel like a man
More than just a toy

If you find a girl with a beautiful heart
Give her love from the very start
Treat her kind and with dignity and care
and for you, she’ll always be there


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