My Stay

‘  Spin and die
  To live again a butterfly. ‘

Favourite quote of the day.

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit down. I think its because of the haze and also because of studies ( not because I study a lot but because I don’t like it ). So my Mother decides to put me into her company for a week hopefully nurturing me to have a healthy lifestyle.

And through this entire week I could actually see many many things. Playfulness, greed, cunningness, great interaction and a lot a lot of fun. I can actually admit that I enjoyed my stay. But it was definately one hell of a ride.

Breakfast strictly starts off at 8am and ends at 10am, those who have overslept would have to tolerate the hunger. It is not fun, but it is often bearable because many kids sleep through the beautiful morning sun.
After breakfast, which ends at precisely 10am, breakfast is no longer available and kids would have to start reading books or begin their studies. It is quite a hasile when they all proceed to study because there are groans and conplains but soon, everyone settles onto their study table and begin their hectic duty.
One specific teenager there I find rather amusing. I don’t know I’m even supposed to label him as teenager or a friend because he is both to me. We’re both taking the O Levels but he specifically enjoys and appreciates the hectic morning routine in utmost pleasure. It seems to me that he finds joy in studying everything and that showers everything that I do with a wash of humiliation. He doesn’t realise it though but he is extremely talented and smart. He’s great in Math, Physics, English and surprisingly Chinese. He’s a wonderful friend to have around.
And then the day continues with lunch starting off at exactly 12pm and by the time the Auntie there announces the embarking of lunch ( yes, it is a rather enjoyable part of the day for them ) everyone have already gathered around the table and has cutlerys in their hands. It is an acute sign.
Lunch ends at 3pm, since some prefer eating it at a later time, and everyone begin studying again. Until roughly 6pm whereby dinner is served and commotion starts off again.
Study begins almost immediately after dinner, at 8pm and everyone just read and write. My Mother arrives at this time too to take a look at the children. I can’t really say a precise time whereby the day ends because this is the only part of the day whereby they actually have a bluffed timeframe.

Life is not extremely hectic for them and a lot of them enjoy this kind of lifestyle. They have a rather flexible timeframe too whereby they can take a nap if they want to and eat their snakes they purchased whenever they want. They can also use their computers whenever they want if its during the holidays.
Sometimes I’ll bring over a guitar to play them something and we all enjoy it very much. Its like a nice little gathering.

My stay there was peculiar but I enjoyed it a lot. There were times where I was on the comfortable bed but I just couldn’t fall asleep and I would think through memories. Its actually really fun. We play through the night with poker cards and sometimes, watch a random midnight movies. Even 12 year olds join us and its a fiesta.

It was really fun. Maybe next time you should try it too, at your friend’s house or something.

Until next time, take care.

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