Not Too Far to Feel My Sincerity

Sometimes I think that we think too much, we think too hard, and we forget that we are only fifteen.

It’s easy to be carried away I understand, or ponder over things that aren’t supposed to be our concern. And we think too hard over our future, and we worry, we get sad. I mean, I understand, I’m going through all that now as well. 

But you need sometime to just enjoy life and not think too much. For example; go snack, dress up, go out shopping, do what you enjoy; be it dancing, playing an instrument, designing, writing, doing sports, photography, anything; just anything that can take your head off whatever you’re thinking too hard about.

I hope that I don’t sound too naggy, I hate it when I sound so old. 

Hope that you lovely readers enjoy whatever you are doing, smile more and be happy. Remember to be less angry, more forgiving, expect less. be satisfied easier, and slowly but steadily, you can be the person you would want to meet.

By the way, I hope you’re not too far to feel my sincerity.

Until then, I strongly encourage you to listen to this.


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