Have you Been Doubted?

This is the third time the heater in my house has broken down. 

I mean c’mon, how many times have this happened? 

But anyways, back to the original topic.  How many times have you been doubted in your life? Like the person literally looks at you, and does this weird thing with their eyes. As if they’re really that wondering. 

Recently I heard the, presumingly, ‘ new ‘ song by Katy Perry. Sorry I’m really slow on this but I thought it was pretty nice and gave off a decent message. I mean, it’s telling us to roar and that we are all champions. If you didn’t know that already, now you know.

Similarly, I heard another song by the emerging talent Fenix. A crumbling song and one that really really pulls one up at the most impactful moments. It’s almost like speaking soft whispers against your lips to stop one’s from staining red. The music and the drawings aren’t amazing but the lyrics mean a lot. Like really a lot. I think you’ll really have to check it out before you decide. I wouldn’t particularly recommend    it, just because it isn’t very catchy or delicately inspiring. I guess I’ll say it’s a frail song. Do they say music speaks louder than loud? Maybe that’s the case.

Another piece not particularly in this category of ‘ inspiring ‘ but I think it is AMAZING, is one by Phidel ( Beside You ). Another intelligent and brilliant musician that never seize to break the ice, evolve a certain kind of tranquility and innovate the entire music industry. This piece I would say, doesn’t suit every single person on this globe just because it’s so twisted. If you’ll not open to music ( the current or any other specific genre ) I would surely not recommend it.  Phidel’s voice is soft, delicate, beautiful and very very divine. The piano, the soft pummeling of the black and white keys, can be very distinctly heard. It is a resplendant song. It’s video features a female in a field of vibrantly orange carnations with a long white blindfold around the eyes. It’s queer as a clockwork’s orange.

But yes, I have been doubted sooooooo many times two pair of hands can’t count. Even though we are often doubted, let’s prove them all wrong! 



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