Regrets and Much Failures


I think sometimes we have to live on with a lot of regrets. Those people who don’t have that, well good for them.

I don’t know how to speak of this, I don’t even know if I’m in any position to speak about this. It’s just what they say, the old ways won’t lead to new doors.

If you’re facing alot of problems in life, remember to try again and use another method rather then sticking to the old methods. It’s almost like trigonometry; the old methods just proves that it doesn’t work, so try using another formula, maybe that’ll help.

And then there’s the magical word maybe. I, personally, utterly detest this word, I think it’s the most outrageous word ever ever created. And the word ‘ if ‘; it’s like saying, if I had done this maybe I would have been better. Like hell no, ‘ if ‘s and ‘ maybe ‘s don’t get you freakin’ nowhere okay? So let there be no more ‘ if ‘s and ‘ maybe ‘s and if anything should happen, think through it and make sure you don’t ever repeat your mistakes.

Ultimately, let’s face it, if there’s troubles or failures in your life, remember there’s always a root cause. When I went to church the other day, a speaker actually addressed this simple but very very much neglected problem. We have to find out that root cause of ‘ hey, why she hatin’ on me? ‘, ‘ omg, why did I fail in this?’. Stuff like these, though small, make sure you find out the root cause by hook or by crook because they may be the tiny building blocks that crush you everytime you try something and, the best part is, you don’t even know it.

As of Robert Frost, ” To sum up what I’ve learned in my entire life : it goes on “, regardless of what happens, life moves on and we have to continue with everything. Learn from mistakes and make sure it never repeats, as they say ” one’s your problem, second’s mine “, if it happens again, you only have yourself to blame.

Good luck 🙂

Helios – Halving the Compass ( Rhian Remix )
( It’s very good music, it’s not dubstep or stuff like that )

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