Okay, it has officially ended. But I don’t know if I should be happy or upset. Its like a joint of confusion within me, confused within which immocable decision I should concise to.

Sometime ago, I went to listen to more of Mindy Gledhill’s music. Very soothing and a burst of joy to listen to but the one that hit my heart most was ‘ This is My Song ‘.

” This is my song
To carry on
When you have found yourself alone and I am gone
So I will wait
Evey last minute that we have to celebrate

This is my song
To remember me by when the moon grows long
In the sky
And you wonder why goodbyes are bound to be
Life goes on
You will see ”


You have to check it out, very very brilliant stuff.
Well, its over now but I don’t feel a pang of joy. Its surprising because in my imagination I would be beaming with happiness, radiating with exuberation, specks of elatedness igniting within me. Yet, I’m rather the opposite. Is this it because I’m overwhelmed and its neutralised with the sorrowness of other upsets? Or is this just me being dissatisfied? Only God knows.

I remember how I met up with my friend before the first paper and we grabbed each other’s hands; how we told each other it will be over just like how quick it can come. And it did! It did get over as fast as it came.

This will probably go away, we’ll all feel happier again. Though I hope that I never feel this way. Its dreadful.

Nevertheless, its over and I’m definitely glad for that. I can do so much more productive stuff with crafts and dressing up and cleaning, it will be just exciting.

Class of 2013, people may say its the year of doom and loneliness but we’ve survived so much and we will continue! Let us strive for the better!

Warmest regards 😉

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