Overseas ( rage post )

** you have been warned **


The first thing that I did when I reached Guangzhou was open WordPress. And it doesn’t open up here. So.. I kinda abandoned the thought of blogging.


It is so boring right now that I am ultimately very speechless. I’ve spent all my money ( sg 40 —-> very little ) on food and gum. Moreover, my Mum and brother isn’t here, I’ve arrived here first, so being a puny one person, no one pays special attention. Worse of all, I’m annoying my elder cousin a lot because he must roam outside with me when all he wants to do is to play DOTA 2.
Everyone is outsidr working and I haven’t even drank tea even after being here for a week. I’m starting to wonder if it is correct that I came here alone in the first place. Everything like cycling, barbequeing, theme parks and skating can’t be carried out because my brother’s not here.
To pile onto that, I’m going Beijing on 17. Which is one day after my Mum and Brother reach Guangzhou. I’m staying there from 17 to 22, and 22 is my birthday. So I would have to celebrate my birthday, almost alone, after four years of no one celebrating, in the cold winter of Beijing with my aunt whom I barely know.

Up till now, its just an awful trip because I’m just annoying everyone.

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