To be honest, I feel kinda dumb to put this as the title. But, whatever.

She has a very beautiful face; tall nose, fair skin, ruby red lips, a small delicate face and deep black hair (even in her late 50s now you have to say she’s quite remarkable ).

Yet the constant sniffing and rubbing of her nose has caused her nose to be of a monstrous size. Often in the middle of nights, you could hear her constant sneezing and it is very annoying actually. It has caused so much disfiguration thay you could say her nose was almost composed of lumps of dead protoplasm. Until the next morning when you see her sore and red nose, as if someone has punched her in the face. Broken veins and all. The insomnia has caused her much sleepless nights, the area under her eyes darkening slightly. Sometimes when she wakes up, she looks as though she’ve applied on some kind of blue-ish purple eyeshadow. Not very attractive. She was not immune to ageing as well, having light spots; almost like freckles, around her cheeks and forehead. The discolouration was quite bad.

Beauty is how you make it to be.


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