Día Una: 25 Facts

So, 28 days challenge:

Day 1 – Post 15 facts about yourself.

1.I am ( a little ) materialistic ( to some sense ). ( there’s no way denying )
2.I can be competitive ( like seriously quite ). But many people mistakes it as headstrong. I don’t mind though.
3.I can be seen as arrogant sometimes.
4.Learnt 3 instrument but flair only in 1-2 ( cause I don’t take grading and regular lessons ).
5.I like leather and Victoria’s Secret ( explains point 1 ).
6.Favourite colour is red. And brown. ( cause it’s the color of leather and rmb point 1 and 5?)
7.Current obsession is sweatpants with sweatshirts ( those that come in a set ). But this may change, just like how I change my clothes. And I’m trying to change the fact that I may wear too many dark colours for my age. So I challenge you to wear freaking neon pants next time you head out! ( or any bright coloured stuff for that matter )
8.Favourite food: coconut juice/ water, cranberries ( dried ), blueberries, cherries, yogurt, strawberries, corn dumplings ( jiao zi ), cherry tomatoes and China oranges.
9.Dislike food: fried noodles ( especially if noodles are thin ), dumplings ( i mean the ones with veges inside; you know, jiao zi ) ( except corn flavour ), pineapples, coconut flavoured seeds, diced carrots and western oranges.
10.The sweeter the better ( in bubbleteas, teas and etc. I always have 100% sugar though I’m trying to change that habit now ).
11.I listen to all genres of music, but I must listen to ones on the billboard otherwise …. cause I need to stay in the loop ok haha.
12.I LOVE collecting notebooks and quirky pens.
13. And erasers.
14.Hablerlo poco Espãnol.
15.My handwriting changes like how I change my clothes. Very frequently.
16. I am hardworking.
17.Favourite quote ” More than meets the eyes ” and ” those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter ” and ” it doesn’t how you start, it only matters how it ends “.
18. I type with two fingers. I mean keyboard.
19. I suck at interviews.
20. I used to be a nail bitter, but now I am obsessed with manicures and the likes of it.
21. ALWAYS last minute cancel event. ( I don’t know why?!?!?! )
22. Want to name my child Aloe, Vera or Victoria ( the name’s very nice ). ( if it’s a girl )
23. Don’t really like coffee, I kinda just go with the flow. Cause coffee can be quite bitter, and … not exactly point 10.
24. I am independent.
25. I like music ( playing instrument, vocals and the likes of it ) and drawing ( designing, sketching and the likes of it ). 

I love you for reading this.

Again, if you didn’t know, Nicole very kindly allowed me to do this challenge so shoutout to her!


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