Día Duo: Best Friends

Bound 2 – Kanye West

Just to start off the Chinese New Year 2nd day, I’ll like to gift you a song. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR MY LADS AND LASS!! Click on the link to enjoy the music as well! My current favorite song. Very unique and, in a way, explicit as well. But c’mon, it’s Kanye West, what would we expect. I’m hoping that you would enjoy it as well!

Moving on to Día Duo of the Twenty Eight Day tag/ challenge. The question is ” Write About The Best Friends You’ve Had Over The Years “. All I can say is that…. This is going to be long.

So when I was in kindergarden, I know this girl named Miao Ling. She was my brother’s friend and a very smart child. I remember she used to darkened the edges of colouring figures and then fill it in lightly with the same colour. It was so unique and special. It was so special I still keep that habit until now. Later we went to the same primary school and she became the top scholar that year. And went to Nan Yang and yeap….. also went out of my league.


Moving on to primary school, I had many friends there. Prinary school is probably one of the joliest part of my life. So carefree and lively, it’s almost that at that age, you have so much energy to give to the world. And the world has so much to offer you. My friends were the pop ones though I wasn’t too involved. Just to name a few, Angelina, Isabelle, Valencia, Shu Fen, Kai Ru and Montira. There are many more who meant the world to me but.. I’ll leave that to next time.

Later in Secondary School, I was a lonely child.


I didn’t have any friends for starters and I was a very skeptical teenager. So I was quite lonely for the first few days. Now that I think about it I think that’s actually quite cool. I met many wonderful friends in my secondary life. Just to name a few, Angie, Nicole, Yen Yee, Jasmine, Michelle, Ryan, Chan Hong, Ru Qing, Kar Leng, Xin Lei, Hongqing, Joycelyn, Chae Eun, Claire, Ziwei, Jiaxuan, Liangqi and many more who mean the world to me. I wanted to thank you for making my secondary school life bearable. I love you very much.

I guess I only stayed in contact with Valencia ( Seryi ). I don’t know how the hell we did that but we did. It’s amazing because we weren’t the closest bestie in Primary School. Maybe the older generation was correct. ‘ Humans are like rocks. If they stay too close, there will be friction and there will be sparks. ‘ Now it’s like we can talk about everything and anything. Literally. I have so much to thank her because she’s made so many things enjoyable. I just want to let her know that I will always be there for her.

Those who you expect to stay with you, may walk with you a few steps. But those whom
you’ve never expected, may just walk with you eternally.

And to end this post, I’ll like to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to Nicole Fong who allowed me access to her tag/ challenge. I tag every and anyone who reads this! Have fun and happy chinese new year my lads and lass!

Lots of Love

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