Día Cuatro : Life Seemed To Be Going Well Constantly

Thinking of The One That Got Away

So today’s question is ” Write about a period of time in your life where things seemed to be constantly going good “.

To be honest, when I read the question, I didn’t have any kind of response. Then I had to start to digging deeepppp into my memory.. To come up with this paragraph….


Probably this period of time would have to come from the beginning of Secondary 3. Firstly because I was appointed the leader of one dance group even though I didn’t even make it through the audition. And then we got an award. So … that’s good. Then I got into the committee, and that’s nice. Coindentally I was also doing pretty fine with my studies. I wasn’t hardcore yet, so I guess the As coming in was very very surprising. I remember there was this one Biology test and I didn’t even study but I scored just fine. So.. that’s probably it. I guess we weren’t too stressed out so we could manage every thing better.


Balloons make every photo better. And every memory more beautiful. And every life more enlightened.

It’s not because I don’t have good memories or that I’m a sadist okay. It’s just that some memories have bad ones stuck in between them. And so it’s not very permeable in slotting them into my ” good period of life “.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to Nicole Fong for kindly allowing access to this tag/ challenge! I tag everyone and anyone who reads this. The full information can be found in my page. Or Nicole’s page which I have reblogged in my pages.

In this way, you can also learn more things about yourself than you’ve ever known. And we can know each other even better.

Till then,
Lotes of Lüv

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