Día Cinco: Things Were Not So Good

” Write about a period of time in your life where things were not so good. ”

If you had read the previous post you would have known that my life is pretty sad. Well, I wouldn’t deny; it really sucks. Here’s why.


I get sad easily. Though ironically I never cry infront of my friends.

I guess this period comes from last year during the DSA period. Cause I tried DSA-ing to three schools and I didn’t get in. I think it’s because my dance isn’t professional or anything; like people there are really very good and if I’m not good enough ( which I am ), I think it’ll also suck if I get in. But regardless, getting in is better than not getting in.
Here’s the music for one of the auditions that I considered. But never did use. It gives me little nightmares when I listen to it.
Autumn – Airhead
It’s not because of the ghost like sound as background. It’s more of the memory that is held within that keeps me creeped out.


And then I also failed my interview for the SJI International Scholarship. I sound so pathetic right. That was really funny though because I tripped at the last rock. And I had quite alot of fun. But the interview went really monotonous so I guess the expected was unveiled. Probably this was because I wasn’t prepared enough.

Well, that’a just the top of the iceberg for now. Probably why I failed all these was because I wasn’t prepared. And I felt as though I had to act a certain way. Moreover, I was never passionate about dancing so without the ‘ fire ‘ within me, I’m not really hitting any of the expectations.

To be honest, after all this, I am quite dispaired and broken. Not like broken broken but more like self conscious. But I guess failing is not failure. So look for the better!


I’m trying really hard to be optimistic so I’ll end here.

SHOUTOUT to Nicole for leeting me do this tag/ challenge! Click on her name and her blog will come out! I’m not totally sure whether this is the correct one but yeapp. Her link is also in one of my post so click that and find out.

This is the 28 Days Challenge and i tag everyone and anyone who reads this post. Full challenge is on my wordpress and details are also there! Have fun!

Take care :3

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