Día Seis : Last Time Crying

” When was the last time you cried? ”

This song is very good and I think it goes well with this post. Please please please press on the link before you start reading. Pleaseeeee Passenger Seats ( Cover )

You didn’t press on the link did you…. Well, nevermind.

I don’t remember crying anytime this year really. Or last year even. It’s more of getting upset but never really bawling my eyes out. I guess it’s more of slight weeping and sobbing.

The only time I cry is when I’m absolutely angry and am a ball of rage. Then I’ll just cry due to pure frustrations. It’s very annoying.

Probably the last time I cried was… Nope not during release of results but actually in Guang Zhou. If you had read my previous post you would have known that I actually went overseas and the people there… Weren’t the best. I had such a terrible two weeks that I sobbed out of rage. Yeap that’s probably the last time I cried.

When was the last time you cried? I know  people who are very emotional and cry at the slightest touch. You always have that one friend that cries at everything. Everything and anything. It’s very very funny.

I’ll be the one to say that I am just lost when people cry because it’s kind of hard to relate to them and understand how they feel when you totally don’t feel anything. I am a ridiculously bad comforter if you can’t already tell.


Balloons are so pretttyyyyy.

No matter how strong you are, it’s inevitable to sometimes cry. Don’t cry for the sake of your ‘ image ‘ and don’t not cry for the sake of your reputation. You know double u tee eff I’m talking about. Sometimes, just be yourself and you’ll be the most comfortable person in the world.

This question is is part of the 28 Days Challenge / Tag. HUGE shoutout to Nicole for allowing me to do this very quirky challenge. It’s much fun and very interesting. I encourage every and anyone who reads this to do the challenge. Keep safe!

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