Día Siete: A Recent Photograph

” Post a recent photograph of yourself ”

This picture was actually taken when we went to XinLei’s house to watch some ghost movies. In the end, we didn’t watch anything at all; it was some crap about a love ghost and all that bullshit. This photograph features Joycelyn ( left ) and I.  She is so beautiful ^_^


I swear it took me some time to decide which pictures to use and the likes of it.

Since I’m not good with instructions, I’ve decided to post another picture.


31.12.2013 Marina Bay Sands ♥

This one was actually on the last day of 2013 and we were at MBS. This is featuring Ruqing ( left ), AKA the woman that is mentally a little retarded but nevertheless a wonderful friend and isn’t she beautiful? I look like an apple next to her.

Why are all my friends so good looking? 😡

I actually thought this question was relatively easy and it just brings out so many positive thoughts. When I see these photographs it makes me feel so happy and merthful. Is this weird?


Do you have any joyful moments with your friends or family members? I know when you skim through your memories these joyful events don’t really stand out but just look through your phone’s gallery and I’m sure you will smile instantly. Try it.

Song for today is Vanille’s Theme ( Final Fantasy XIII OST )


This is actually FF10 but yeahh... you get the idea.

If you like to play RPG, this is a great track from Final Fantasy XIII that you can consider listening to. It’s a piano track and the composer is a Japanese. Now you know that’s something.

HUGESHOUTOUT to Nicole for creating this 28 Days Challenge and letting me do it! I tag every and anyone who reads this into doing this tag! It’s really fun and, somehow or another, you’ll know more about yourself.

Take care!

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