Día Ocho : How I Feel Today

” How do you feel today? ”

O6:21 – Good morning lads and lass! I woke up around an hour ago and am now heading off to Yishun for appealing. So yeah, I feel extremely fatigue.


Reason why I woke up so early is because I have nothing better to do….. I’m just kidding, I have work later.


I’m actually also quite frustrated because my Mum passed the wrong health booklet to me and so when I reach Yishun I virtually can’t get two birds with one stone. Waste my time.

Regardless, I’ll see how the day goes. ” It doesn’t matter how you start, it only matters how you end. ” So, I’ll see on. – 06:31


08:49 – I’m on the way to my job. Yeap, $10/hour will get me going for a few days. I’m feeling very mundane and my legs are sore. It’s the morning peak so many people are in the MRT. It’s a little annoying but, like in Britney Spears’ song, the more the merrier right? – 08:52


15:44 – I’m on the bus home. Was listening to this All That Matters – Justin Bieber . I just finished my banquet job and it ended at 2pm but Jasmine and company only left now. It was super tiring but the people there were amiable. I actually wore black converse ( while others wore black flats ) and navy nlue jeans ( others wore satin raven black pants ) when it was totally prohibitated, but I only got caught until the very last moment so I’m also very grateful and thankful.

I’m probably going to the library. I’m sure. – 15:48

18:07 – I didn’t go to the library. I’m staying home to slack ( happy ). I’ll end off the post here! Take care! – 18:08


Huge shoutout to Nicole for creating and letting me do this Challenge/ Tag. I tag every and anyone who finds this interesting and wants to try!

This post is under my 28 Days Challenge Category which you can find in the bottom of this page.

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