Día Nueve : Nicest Thing Someone Said

” What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said to you? ”


1. Support Comments

‘ I think as long as the comment acknowledges me, I’ll think it’s cool. ‘ One friend of mine said that.

‘ And also if it’s encouraging, especially if it complements my thinkings. ‘ She added.

Perhaps a comment that has impacted me most was one by Ru Qing saying that she’ll support me no matter what decision I make. I know it’s really frequent that people say that but one with sincerity is really rare. I guess a nice comment always has the element of sincerity in it.

With all of that, added to a person’s desperation, the catalyst, you can make one of the most beautiful comment they have ever heard.

2. Praising Comments


The expression you have after you get a praise. Like YAY!!!!!

Sometimes, with praisings you can also say a nice comment. In this way, you’re actually making them feel good rather than giving support ( above ).

For example, people saying that you’re beautiful or smart. It’s almost instantaneous that you feel really good. Praisings work that way. You ( almost ) feel this way I Choose You – Timeflies

Personally, I prefer Support Comments though the both really have no difference in the amount of endorphins ( AKA happiness ) they produce. I don’t know why, I just prefer them. And it’s not because it’s superficial using praising comments. It’s not.


Did I just make it worse? Fine. I admit it, I didn’t want to be deemed superficial. Both praisings and supportive words are really good ._.

No matter which comment you choose to use,as long as it has a positive impact on your friend, or anyone for that matter, you’ll have done a good job.


Shoutout to Nicole for creating and letting me do this fantastic Challenge/ Tag! I tag every and anyone who does this challenge! Good luck!

This post is part of my 28 Days Challenge/ Tag which you can find in the bottom of this page.

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