Día Diez : Meanest Thing Anyone Said

” What is the meanest thing anyone ever said to you? ”


Honestly I don’t remember. I know there were people who didn’t like me but I never really heard them say nasty things to my face; but they probably said bad things to my back.

Probably one of the worst things anyone ever said to me is:

1. I dance like a stick.
2. I work hard but I don’t get the results.

But the truth is, do they think I don’t know? Do they think that just because they don’t dance like a stick they can reprimand me? Do they think I don’t know I dance like a stick? Do they think I don’t know that I’m not hitting my expectations?

Honestly do they even know how they sound when they say these to me.

Pointing out people’s flaws is probably the only job they know. Remember,


Actually I really don’t mind that much when people say bad things about me. Because it’s probably true ( not that everyone of them are ) and I just brush them off, they don’t  deserve any of my attention.

And seriously, I just don’t care.


This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole created. Do check out her blog that I have linked in one of the pages.

To check out the past 9 days, stroll to the bottom of this page ( if using PC ) and find 28  Days Challenge ( category ) or click on my wordpress and stroll down to visit the posts. I tag every and anyone who reads this post and is intersted.

Take care!

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