Día Once: Best Day of My Life

” Write about the best day of your life. ”

This is actually a really fun question to answer I think. I would have to filter down to 2 days. One when I was at the Chang Long Paradise in Guang Zhou and the other one when I landed the plane in Singapore.


The day at Chang Long Paradise had been nominated because I had so much fun. That day was blissful and I could have never asked for more. Accept for that overprized, nasty, overrated fast food lunch which was just blatantly horrible, I think everything was incredibly enjoyable.

The day that the plane landed in Singapore has also been nominated because I had such a concussion in the plane and even more throughout the entire trip. If you have not realised, I posted __  in my WordPress describing in detail the entire unbearable ordeal. I was just elated when the plane landed because I really thought I was going to die.


Mmmmh, let me think, I think I’ll probably choose the one at Chang Long because the other one is just silly. So yeap, the best day of my life was at Chang Long when I was doing 90 degree rollercoasters and getting water splashed all over even though it was winter.

I’m just kidding. I honestly had a lot of fun. It was The Best Day of my life.

This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole has created. For the past 10 Days, check out my entire page to find it! Take care!

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