Día Doce : Worst Day

” Write about the worst day of your life. ”

The worst day of my life would probably be the day that I went for Anderson JC’s audition.


I swear I have never cried so badly in my life. I was literally bawling my eyes out, I was crying so badly and my eyes were so swollen and red. It was the worse day of my life and nothing can compare to it.

It’s definitely not the insituition’s fault because well, they had to choose the best among the shortlisted dancers, but the worse is that they chose dancers that were worse than me. I swear there weren’t many amazing dancers, the seniors were not bad but I guess I wasn’t given the green light because I had the ‘ airs ‘. Yeah, that’s a death gripper. I honestly felt like Sondre Lerche – The Laughing Doubters

So, from my mistake, I have learnt that I should never be complacent and


Also, try to talk to the seniors and people there because it just will help. I guess I was so upset just because I know that I could have gone through if not for my lousy attitude, and that I was one of the better ones there. Many may not agree, but well, whatever man. All that matter’s that I have learnt and will continue.

But honestly, it was the only time I’ve cried in public so so badly.

This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole created. If you wanna check out the last 11/12 days, I have no idea what day I am at, check out the category that tagged in this post ‘ 28 Days Challenge ‘.

Take care!

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