Día Catorce : Favourites

” Post your favourite book, favourite movie, favourite band and favourite food. ”

Favourite Books:


Credits to a fellow WordPresser. I can't remember the link but I remember that I could google her so please do that if you want to read more.

Anything by Roald Dahl; I mean c’mon,the dude created my name, obviously I would like him. I haven’t found another author that I enjoy as much so… Until then, it’ll all be Roald Dahl’s.

Favourite Movies:

I only have 2 movies to recommend. 

The first one, Legally Blonde.


Legally Blonde is like my childhood. People watch Disney I watched blonde bitches. She is so inspiring and the entire movie was so funny. I remember last time when my parents went overseas, I will stay 24/7 on the tele, munching cherry tomatoes and watching the show, it is really really good.

The second one, Ratatouille.


Seriously Ratatouille and Legally Blonde are like my life ( Not that I ever aspired to be a chef ) because they are the most amazing movies ever created. I swear I always watch Ratatouille even if I’m super sleepy and it’s a 10 hour flight, it is that amazing.

Favourite Band:

I’m gonna include musicians as well because well, I can.

One of them is Owl City/ Sky Sailing.


Another is iamsleepless. No caps for this one cause that’s how they roll. Great music when you want to feel slightly hippy.


And we have The Cataracs and Timeflies, when you feel alittle more than hippy.



And last but not least, Rezonate when you want to pump the music.



Favourite Food:

1. Cherry Tomatoes


2. China Oranges ; because they are delicious.


3. Berries; strawberries, cranberries, blueberries ( nope no cherries because I realize I quite dislike them ).


4. Bubble teas and yogurt ( I have removed coconut juice and corn dumplings because I realize they probably aren’t my favourites as well, also, bubble tea is only is this category because it’s unhealthy ).


And I realise I can mix them all together to get tomatoes plus berries plus yoghurt =


This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole. I tag every and anyone who is interested. To check go the past 13 days, click here.

Much Thanks!

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