Día Quirce: Something Worrying

” Write about something you worry about alot. ”

What kind of question is this? Is this the kind of question that are designed to leave you in confusion even after reading it for like, say, 20 times? I really don’t know. This question is weird.

To be true to myself and you, the only thing I worry about is money. And I am not kidding.

I know. Doubleu- tee-eff.

Now don’t blow your head off trying to persuade me, let me explain.

Since young, I’ve always been put on a supposingly ‘ tight budget ‘ because my mother never got around the idea of spending so much money. And she thought the 2 dollars were completely normal for a trip to town. I don’t blame her, I mean, she doesn’t really know. So,I thrifted even when I was really really young. Now that I’ve grown up and have a card ( it’s under my name but in a way she’s safekeeping for me ), I slash the card across the innocuous monitor screen like no tomorrow. And it’s not even as though there’s alot of money there. I don’t know since when I’ve had this bad habit but all I know’s that I got to remove it asap. You know what I’m sayin’ ?

Okay this is no excurse right haha.

I don’t understand why people are so revolted by politically incorrect answers. A good example of how expectations for a certain type of answer turns into disaster.

I worry about my relationships with people. Because they are vulnerable and the ever building dependance on them is scary. You know what they say, ‘ Only those whom you care can truly hurt you’.

This post is part of Nicole‘s 28 Days Challenge. I tag every and anyone who are interested. To read the past 14 days, click here.

Take care.


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