Día Diez Y Seis: Someone I Really Love

” Write about someone you really love. ”

Can’t I write something instead of someone….? Just joking.

Someone I really love would be from my family. And I’ve boiled it down to my Mother.

Obviously I would really love her. I like how my class used to say it, unconditional love. It’s like she’s always there, no matter what you do. Even when you fly, and you fall, you crumble, you get upset, you throw random fits that last for days just because you didn’t like the lecturer in your class; just because you have no one else to push it upon. You push it on your loved ones, and they get hurt.

I remember there was one time my Mother was doing chores and the three of us were just there. Doing absolutely nothing. Three healthy and strong youngstets doing nothing. While she, after a lethargic day of work, come down and clean our crap. And then she said, ” 你的幸福是踩着我, 你母亲,的痛苦上而建立成”. ( My hardwork and many tiresome is your staircase to joy and happiness. )

So let’s all treat our family with much love. Much much love. And not only say it. But do it as well.

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