Día Diez Y Siete: Bulleting

Bullet your day.

8:37 – 9:13 Woke up and continued to lay on bed after I’ve peed even though I have to go to church later. Signals of inpunctuality arising…

9:13 – 9:58 Brought Sausage down and freshened up. He didn’t poo poo.. A bad sign as well..

9:58- On the way to church. Probably am going to be late. Really late since church starts at 10:30.. Oh well.

Today’s gonna be a hectic day, I’m going to work after church and that would mean 6 hours of standing. And my legs aren’t the most powerful ones, so erm, gon’ slack. Also I realise that I’ve been feeling lethargic for no particular reason. I guess it’s cause the first thing I do in the morning is browse through my gadget for updates and I don’t sleep till it’s really late. I know it’s really bad and shouldn’t do it but I can’t help ittt.

10:24 Met up with Ziwei ( No pun intended cause like Metilda and Ziwei. Did you get it? ) and we were in the same cabin… It was epic. On the way to church and will brb.

12:33 –  So yeah, just finished church and ate lunch. It was quite good and I’m getting tired. It’s really quite awkward for me but…. Whatever.

13:52 – I’m uber lucky because the bus didn’t take long to come, usually it takes around 10minutes and 10 minutes under the sun is not cool. Not many people on the bus but, that’ll have to wait, there’s this particular stop that has alot of people.

14:58- Just reached home. I’m gonna rest abit then go to work.

23:13- Holy grail. I just realised I totally forgot to bullet. Well, it’s fine. I just finished working. Today was really fun and the people there were really helpful. In a way, I actually do enjoy my job.

That is pretty much my day. Half of it is sleeping and three quarters of the other half is being away. I don’t enjoy it, but I don’t detest it.

Stay happy and nice.


This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole posted. I tag every and anyone who are interested in this challenge. To check out the last 16 days, click here.

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