Día Diez Y Ocho: A Confession

” Post a confession/ secret. ”

I don’t really have ‘ confessions ‘/ ‘ secrets ‘ well, because I’m not that mysterious.

If you consider that I used to say things just to make myself seem ‘ different ‘ a confession, then yeah, I do.

I used to say I like tea more than coffee. I don’t know if that’s totally true but I definitely don’t enjoy coffee a whole lot.

Everyone’s about coffee now and how they want it to be filtered, they want it to be the beans, they can’t get their dose of the day and how ‘ I need coffee ‘ just to function. It’s as though they’re an eighty year old European that had drank coffee for the most of their life.


Doggy says yeah.

I mean, we didn’t so unless you want to transform totally into another culture where the people don’t really embrace you with arms wide open, do it.

It’s not as though Asians equal to tea and Europeans equal to coffee, mind you, I know there are alot of Asians who enjoy coffee for what it is and appreciate the taste for what it really means. I don’t object that.

It’s that I can’t stand those wannabe people who go around exaggerating they need it really really badly when they don’t. Because they wanna be classy, or different or highclass I really don’t know.

Bee tee dubs, check this out Keith Kenniff – Halving The Compass.

I used to do it and maybe still am. To be honest I don’t enjoy cappucino or whatever because it really isn’t sweet enough for me. And it’s not that I love tea and I need it really really badly otherwise I can’t function but I think it goes well with dim sum and I’ve pretty much been drinking it my entire life.

Be true to yourself.


This post is part if the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole created. I tag every and anyone who is interested. To check out the past 17 days, click here.

Be kind to one another.

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