Día Diez Y Nueve : Birthdays

Write about you spend your last birthday and how you plan to spend it this year.

Last birthday was really random and, quite frankly, a little unenjoyable. Half of the day was spent in a plane and the other was having meals and settling in. I didn’t cut a cake or anything fancy like that. I don’t mind, I just think it was okay. Like it was really just fine. I wasn’t expecting anything so… Yeap.


I don’t expect much on birthdays and to be honest, I really don’t mind it that much either. Well of course I love presents and surprises but without it, a simple birthday is okay. Like really, birthdays are so overrated

I really don’t get the big deal about birthdays either. Well, you were born on that day, you had your first cry of your entire life, you could see for the first time, what’s the big deal? ….. Nothing right??

For my coming birthday I really don’t wanna celebrate it. I’m turning 17 and I don’t fancy being old. Like nowadays as a couple year passes, I realise that I may be hitting the head 2, and that fact is absolutely terrifying. I swear. I really don’t want to be old.

Btdubs, my birthday is on 22 December.

This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole posted. I tag every and anyone of you who are interested. To check out the last 18 days, click here.

Yay I’m glad I’m hitting the 20s on the next post! Hooray!

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