Día Veinte : Food

What did you eat today?

Hello lovely people of the entire universe, it’s a beautiful day today. How do you feel? You should be feeling energetic! Not lethargic…. If you are feeling tired or find yourself constantly saying ” so tired….. “. Remember to sleep early tonight.


So I’m going to share about what I ate for breaky today. I ate really fancifully this morning and I have no idea why. I think it’s because I woke up really early and am feeling great about myself, a good night’s sleep is really really important.

I made scrambled eggs and placed the eggs in between two slices of bread with strawberry slices enveloped, it was delicious. But the strawberries made the bread more than soggy and the strawberries also became warm because of the steaming scrambled eggs so I kinda had a soggy hot wet mess of eggs, berries and bread.

Then I put some more strawberries beside the bread and fried a sunny egg because I eat alot.

Walah, that’s for breakfast. I know this sounds really fanciful but normally I just have spoilt bread with cold milk ( btdubs, I love cold milk with cereal ).

Moving on…. Lunch. I had 5 dumplings and 6 strawberries with one can of sweet roll as desert. I eat alot.

Scurrying along is dinner. And before dinner I slept, so…. Not exactly healthy or anything like that. So dinner was korean meat with vegetables and some random fried fish. Of course being my usual self I gobbled up the korean meat and fish and completely ignored the pathetic vegetables. Poor thing.

And then I had some coke, which was delicious.

Well, that’s it for my epic food journal. It’s 19:57 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be eating later. Especially since I’m meeting my friend later. It’s gonna be fun.

This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge Nicole created. I tag every and anyone who has read this. To check out the past 19 Days, click here.

Take care.

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