Día Veintuna : The Past Year

” How has your life changed over the past year? ”

Why do people think that one year could be so goddamn significant to, according to what they say, ” change my life”. Like nothing could have happened large enough to change my life could it?

Just kidding.

I think my life haven’t changed much just like I haven’t changed much. I think choosing to go to a polytechnic instead of JC was not the best decision but definitely the right decision. Is that considered a change? Yeah, I guess.


The past year was a turning path in many of lives and because of what we did then, we are where we are now. And we are who we are now.

Last year I think that I was very emotional. I don’t even know bloody why. Like was there something wrong with me? What was I thinking man. That was just really absurd. I hate people who do that, like those who are really emotional and those people, I seriously can’t put up with people who keep having the ‘ you don’t understand me ‘, ‘ it’s me against the world ‘ attitude and all that f**ked up bullshit. God that irritates me.

I think last year I realised my flaws and found my true friends. Last year was a good year.

And this year it’s gonna be even better. I’m already excited!


This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge created by Nicole. I tag every and anyone who is interested in this challenge. To check out the past 20 days, click here. ( scroll down and click on the 28 Days category )

Take care.

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