Día Veinttrés: Spending Time

‘ Write about what you spend most of your time on. ‘

I definitely spend alot of my time doing nothing. Like yeah, you heard me, doing just nothing. For a matter of fact, I don’t even know what to spend my time on since it’s holidays. ( pshhh, give me ideas? )

Oh I know already, I spend alot of my time spending money. Yeap, that’s right, I spend most of my time by spending money. Oooh, so much spending.


I have no idea why this picture is here. But don't you think it adds dome effect to the entire canvas? Oh yes it does.

Think about it, if you want to go to the, say, library; you have to take a bus ( or a cab for the fiesty ones The bronze ones. And the best part is, you haven’t even made your way home! And you already don’t have enough to make your way home. What can I say.

So yeah, I can define how I spend my time as the amount of money I spend. If I spend from some to little money, it means I’m alive. Otherwise, I’m dead. Cause even when I’m sleeping and using my phone I’m paying something on bills.

To be honest, time really is precious. I heard someone saying the other day that ‘ If you don’t spend your time wisely, someone else will take it away from you ‘. Even though up till now I don’t understand this ‘ unusual ‘ quote, I’m pretty sure that it makes a hella sense.

And really, time is uber precious and we should totally watch out on how we spend our utmost precious time.

But for now… Let’s say that’s not for me.

Be happy!

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Ooooh, not bad, you stayed till here. I like that. To tell the truth, I’m really happy that I am now currently on Day 23! Eeekkkksss! One month of typing is looking to be over and my twitching thumbs can take a break. Just kidding,this was super fun. I can’t wait to write more and am looking super forward to the next 5, sadly, remaining days.

Take care!

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