Día Veintcuantos : This Week

” How has your week been? ”

My week has been awesome! It wasn’t extremely productive but, well, I tried.

On Monday, I had a ‘ Take Care of Yourself ‘ day which includes myself trimming my nails, painting it and the likes of it. I had a mask, which totally sucks because it had absolutely no effect on my skin. The mask is FREEMAN Facial Brightening Mask ( Gold Grains ), which is totally a con and I totally do not recommend it. Regardless, it wasn’t the most expensive thing I ever bought but still, all thay excitement built up to nothing. I also mosturized a little bit and well, ‘ took care ‘ of myself. Because taking care of ourselves is loving ourselves.

On Tuesday, I planned to go to the library. However, things always don’t go as planned and I went to acompany my friend in dying her hair. It turned out really really good!

On Wednesday, I was supposed to go out with Ruleng Cheese. However, I was way too lazy and didn’t went out with them. It was kinda upsetting but I guess that’s the most I can do.

On Thursday, I was supposed to go to work. Alone. And for a matter of fact, I’ve never worked alone. This sacret ‘ alone ‘ word made my day absolutely horrible. I don’t even know how the hell I reached there, my feet was so heavy. So I left after having my meal and just went home. The person even called me and asked me why I went home, and I told them they called wrong. To be honest I was a little afraid, but I don’t give a damn anymore. After that I went to Claire’s house and painted nails and munched on chips and watched movies.

On Friday, I went to Wei xiang’s house to jam a little bit. It was so much fun! I don’t think I could have ever had so much fun without them. It was really good. Then after that I went to reunion dinner with the dancers, and that was really really fun. I loved it very much.

On Saturday, I went to work again and this time round it was really fun. The banquet was hosted by KKHospital and there were so many doctors. They were really young and beautiful too. It was a pleasant experience.

On Sunday, I spent my day, just like every other day, embarking on WordPress. Today was nothing much and I just pretty much stayed home and did nothing. That was really nice as well.

How was your week? Was it good? How was Monday for you? I tag every and anyone who is interested in this challenge.

This is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole created. To check out the past 23 days, click here.

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