Día Veintcintros:

Dear Friend,


They say that every 7 years, one changes half their friends for an entirely new batch. I wonder if that’s true for the both of us, kinda think we may already have the answer.

I can safely say that I’ve never forgotten any of our times together, those are much beloved memories that are way too precious to be put down. Thinking back, those memories were just so pure, sometimes I feel silly when I think about it, other times, it breaks my heart. It really does.


I can’t say that we ever had a complete and elaborate ending of relationship, it’s hard to say because we just drifted apart. You know it when you guys start dissipating from one another, and then it comes to the point whereby both parties are just plain awkward, it’s horrible. For a matter of fact we can safely say we saw it coming.

Friendships come and go. I hope you’re doing well now, that’s all I’ll ever ask for. That no matter where you are and what you are doing, I’ll always support you; because you’re wise and strong, and you’re friendly and smart, an inspirational figure in my life that I don’t think I can ever forgot.


Stay safe and I’ll always love you.

Much Love,

‘ Write a letter to someone you miss. ‘


Wasn’t that touching? No? Aww crap. Well, I really hope it was. Honestly no one came into mind when I was typing, I don’t even know who this letter is dedicated to.

Friends just come and go, those that matter stays and and those who don’t matter gets filtered by time, it’s part of reality and I don’t really mind that, I mean that’s why they say

only time will tell



Choose the correct friends.

I hope you have a wonderful evening and an adventurous week. Take care.

This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole created. I tag every and anyone who is interested in this tag. To read the past 24 days, click here to find category.

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