* Which Wolf are you Feeding?

This is really inspiring.

Find Your Middle Ground

black and white wolf

In the highs and lows of life there is often inner struggle. I first heard the tale of the two wolves some years ago, and it has appeared again twice this past week. Time to take notice for myself and share with you! I love the simplicity of  it and how it really opens up a new approach to dealing with our own attitudes and emotions.

There’s an old Native American tale about an elder who realized that  he had two wolves fighting inside of him.

One was mean spirited and selfish, and the other was noble and compassionate.

A younger man once asks of him “Which wolf usually wins?”

He replied, “It depends on which one I feed.”

Can you relate to this story? Which attitudes of mind and emotions do you tend to feed?

When we recognize and accept that both wolves are inside us, we can become…

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