Día Veintsiete : Places to Visit

‘ Where is somewhere you would want to visit? ‘

One of the places I would like to visit is the Antartics. I know alot of you lads and lass may squeak but seriously, it’s a beautiful place. Check out this video.

So one of the main reason why I want to visit the Antartics is to see the amazing Aurora Borealis, also known as the dancing northern lights. It’s beautiful, it’s serene and it’s definitely in my bucket list. I’m not too sure about the science behind this so I googled it and here’s what came up:

The sun’s surface is millions of degree, allowing the hydrogen atoms ( the sun is made up of hydrogen gas ) to explode frequently. This causes a phenomenan known as the sun flare whereby charged particles escape through the sun’s rotation and allow the solar wind to carry the charged particles against Earth’s magnetic field, when these excited particles deexcites against Earth’s atmostphere, it causes the aurora borealis ( north hemisphere ) or the aurora australis ( south hemisphere ).

Something like that, I’m not a scientist so… yeah.

Well, and to add on, Antartics is also popular for their Blood Falls. Whereby the liquid flowing out of a crack in the ice seems to be, nothing but… blood itself.

Isn’t it amazing? And also very queer. I think it’s extraordinary. Well apparently from what I read up, the ‘ blood ‘ liquid is 3 times saltier than the ocean. That’s very salty. And ancient too.

The liquid won’t freeze because it’s so ridiculously salty and since the liquid is so deep underneath the surface of the ice, it has formed a mixture with iron ( Fe ) ( one of Earth’s core element ) and so when exposed to oxygen ( 02 ), reacts to form ironoxide, a reddish brown color. Amazing balls or what!

Another place I would like to visit is The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan.

The story behind this states that in 1971, Soviet scientist went to find oil in Turkmenistan. Unfortunately, they drilled right into an enormous sinkhole whereby ginormous amounts of methane ( natural gas ) rised up into the air. Methane is a greenhouse gas 20% more potent than carbon dioxide. It is highly lethal in large doses and could do some serious damage to the entire globe since it traps heat 20 times more than our CO2.

Hence, the scientist did the only thing reasonable and lit the crater on fire. 42 years later the crater is still burning with tourist describing the stinky smell as ‘ burning of hydrogen sulfide ‘.

Moving right along is another place I would love to visit, the crooked forest of Gryfino ( Poland ).

This is a controversial forest with alot of people coming up with unique hypothesis and seemingly reasonable explanations but up till now, the reason why all the forest trees are tilted at a 90 degrees angle, remains a complete mystery. Well, maybe one of the readers can solve this confusing mystery.

So yeap, that’s some of the places that I would like to visit. I know alot of people must have been predicting I’ll write Paris and London but I think this is more interesting. Don’t you think so?

This post is part of the 28 Days Challenge that Nicole created. Also, all information was extracted from Scishow Youtube. They are incredible and very interesting. To check out the past 26 days, click here.

Take care.
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