Craft: #5 Scrub

Hi guys! Read this Sugar Scrub post written by me for my class assignment!


Hi guys! Welcome to the fifth post in the craft section of divertissement WordPress! Today we’ll be making something really practical and useful!

Face Scrub Face Scrub

As Summer moves along and the cold season arrives, it’s frequent to hear people complaining about the dry environment and how dehydrated the skin is. Indeed, as the cold season arrives, moisture from the skin disappears and the skin becomes all crankly and dry. It is a troublesome matter!

Well, fear not because we’ll be teaching one of the life savers in the Winter- the Face Scrub!


1. Olive oil

Olive oil acts as a moisturizer and hydrates the skin! It has an abundance of fatty acids and Vitamin E, providing the essential elements needed for healthy glowing skin. Olive oil is great for the hair as well! It’s always a myth that olive oil clogs the pore because the concept of ” oil…

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