Crafts: #3 Infused Water

Hi guys! The DIY Infused Water is up! Check this out!


Hi guys! Welcome to the 3rd post in the craft section of Divertissement!

Infused water! Infused water!

Lately, the weather has been terribly warm and water just don’t seem to quench our thirst. Since soda and alcoholic beverages aren’t exactly the definition of healthy, a great alternative would be infused water!

1.strawberries + basil 2.lemons + cucumbers 3. mints 1.strawberries + basil
2.lemons + cucumbers
3. mints

These interesting drinks are refreshing and absolute thirst quenchers, perfect for this humid Summer. The best part? The ingredients are easily obtainable and fairly inexpensive- you probably can find them in your kitchen cabinets right now! Ingredients:1. Water Water is an absolute compulsory ingredient in today’s DIY project! It is the solute for the fruits and allows the different ingredients to blend together and form a delicious concoction. 2. Fruits Fruit selection differs from person to person; fruits such as lemon, strawberries and raspberries are highly recommended! Vegetables or herbal leaves such as cucumber, mint…

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